The Flow Technology Process Engineering team specialise in the turnkey design, fabrication and installation of customised process skid systems for the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Distillery, Food, Beverage and Dairy industries.

The team have designed and produced a variety of projects from Clean-In-Place, Temperature Control, Purified Water, Water For Injection distribution, Point Of Use to more complex process modules such as Filtration (Depth, UF/DF, Nano, Tangential Flow, Harvest, Viral), Chromatography and HTST for the Biotechnology sector. We provide a full range of conventional stainless steel, hybrid stainless steel and single use solutions across these upstream and downstream biotechnology processes.

Our multi-sectoral process expertise and highly experienced engineering and craft teams enable us to work closely with our clients ensuring that the solution we provide is a ‘right first time’ solution to meet their needs at the highest quality standard. Our reputation for process expertise and delivery reliability has led us to working with 8 of the world’s top 10 Bio-Pharmaceutical companies, the world’s 2nd largest soft drinks company, and 3 of the world’s largest alcoholic beverage producers.

  • 8/10World’s Largest
    Bio Pharma
  • Top 2Largest
    Soft Drinks
  • 3/4World’s Top
  • No.1Largest
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    Clean-in-Place (CIP)

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    Filtration (TFF/UFDF, Viral, Harvest, Depth, Nano)

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    WFI & PW Distribution & Point-of-Use (POU)

  • sdfdsfsdf

    Transfer & Utility Panels

  • sdfdsfsdf

    Temperature Control Units (TCUs)

  • sdfdsfsdf

    In Line Dilution & Conditioning

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    Single Use

  • sdfdsfsdf

    Waste Inactivation & Treatment

  • sdfdsfsdf

    Membrane Filtration Systems (Dairy & Beverage Applications)

  • sdfdsfsdf

    Acid & Rennet Casein Systems

  • sdfdsfsdf

    Separation: Centrifuge & Decanters

  • sdfdsfsdf

    Product Routing & Valve Matrices

  • sdfdsfsdf

    Production Pasteurisation, Heating & Cooling

  • sdfdsfsdf

    Powder & Liquid Blending (Including high-shear mixing)

  • sdfdsfsdf

    Fermentation Yield & Duration Optimisation

  • sdfdsfsdf

    Drum Unloading Systems

  • sdfdsfsdf

    Nitrogen & Ozone Systems

  • sdfdsfsdf

    Chemical Dosing, Control & Storage Systems

  • sdfdsfsdf

    Custom Fabrications (Trolleys, Driptrays, Hangars, etc)

Case Study

Project Facts:
€500m+ Investment
Multi-Product Cell Culture Biologics Manufacturing Facility

Flow Technology Scope:
Design, fabrication, testing and commissioning of 21 process skid systems: 

  • WFI Distribution Systems & POUs
  • Chromatography Liquid Handling Systems
  • Pre-viral UF/DF
  • Harvest Product Heating and Temperature Control Units
  • Caustic Inline Dilution
  • Buffer Ring Manifolds 

Completed: 2016

Diestro Services –  Modular Chemical Delivery, Dosing & Control Systems

Diestro Services
For the delivery of custom chemical dosing and control systems, Flow Technology teams up with technology specialist Diestro Services, an Irish-run engineering solutions company with 3 decades of experience with chemical dosing systems.

Diestro Services offers expert consultancy, design, installation and commissioning of chemical systems. 

In working with some of the world’s largest Data Centre, Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical companies.
Diestro Services have developed key expertise in:

  • Supply and manufacture of chemical dosing stations for pumping and inlet stations
  • Supply and installation of Chemical dosing, control and storage systems.
  • A range of systems particularly designed for use in the water treatment industry:
    • Chemical dosing pumps
    • pH adjustment
    • Redox
    • CoolProtect systems for use in cooling towers.

Diestro Services expertise and track record, coupled with Flow Technology’s process experience, large workshop and project execution capabilities, means expert delivery of a trusted product.  

Casein Plant
Case Study

Project Facts:
€30m Investment
Extension of Casein plant to twice capacity.
1,200 kg/hr of Casein Production.
Site produces SMP, whey powder products, casein
and caseinate products and butter

Flow Technology Scope:
Design, fabricate and commission the new
casein plant process equipment, including:

Acid casein coagulation system. Dewheying & dewatering decanters. Casein plant CIP distribution

Completed 2020.

Case Study

Project Facts:
No.2 Largest Soft Drinks Company
15+ years on site
30+ projects a year

Site Services & Equipment Supply:
Fulltime team of craftsmen on-site to support expansion, equipment installation, repair, replacement and shutdowns. Supported by off-site fabrication.

Main supplier of specialist process equipment: Pumps, valves, agitation & mixing, cleaning equipment, heat exchangers & consumables.

Turnkey Process System Delivery:
Design, build,  install & commissioning of:

  • Powder/liquid ingredient blending
  • Drum unloading
  • Homogenisation
  • Valve matrices including product routing
  • CIP systems & optimisation
  • Product heating & cooling
  • Nitrogen blanketing systems
  • Treated water distribution systems
  • Filling machine integration
  • ATEX-rated systems

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