In 1978, Flow Technology began working with casein, milk powder and on CIP applications. Over 40 years, we are extremely proud to continue working in this industry – where we now work with all 9 of the larger Irish Dairy Co-op’s.

The Dairy industry in Ireland has changed substantially in recent times: with international companies based here specialising in the production of dried baby food and milk formula producing over 15% of the world’s baby formula using Irish milk. There has also been large expansion in the area of dairy nutrients and dairy ingredients where several the large Dairies have diversified into producing flavourings, enhancers and ingredients. 

The significant experience we have working with these companies has allowed us to develop our in-house experience and knowledge in all areas of “wet” dairy processes and enabled us to become experts in casein and whey processing, and baby and milk powder production. 

We have also established ourselves as a leading provider of process equipment with our cleaning, mixing, heat transfer and pump technology being used widely across all Dairies in Ireland. 

Case Study

Project Facts:
€30m Investment
Extension of Casein plant 2 x capacity
1,200 kg/hr of Casein Production.
Site produces SMP, whey powder products, casein
and caseinate products and butter

Flow Technology Scope:
Design, fabricate and commission the new
casein process equipment

Completed 2020.

Case Study

Project Facts:
CIP improvements of Process Equipment with impact
to the overall manufacturing process.
Site produces baby formula, food and nutrition.

Flow Technology Scope:
Overhaul of the existing cleaning facility maintaining
the constraints set by existing utilities.

Plant downtime significantly reduced by minimising human intervention.
High level of cleaning reliability with proven results.
Project executed in a live plant environment
and implemented over the shut down period.

Completed: 2015

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