Since our founding in 1978, Flow Technology are proud to have been a key part of Ireland’s Dairy industry and we have stayed at the forefront of cutting edge processing systems.

We have developed our in-house experience and knowledge in all areas of “wet” dairy processes:

  • Casein Processing
  • Whey Processing
  • Baby and milk powder production.

Flow Technology provides full turnkey execution for Dairy systems, including in-house process design, engineering with OEM support, project management, specialised pipe fitting and commissioning. We also provide full lifecycle site support, equipment sales & service.

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    CIP Systems & Optimisation

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    Membrane Filtration Systems

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    Acid & Rennet Casein Systems

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    DeWheying & DeWatering Decanters

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    Product Routing & Valve Matrices

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    Heating, Cooling, Pasteurisation

  • sdfdsfsdf

    Ingredient Blending

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    Wash Towers

Casein Plant
Case Study

Project Facts:
€30m Investment
Extension of Casein plant to twice capacity.
1,200 kg/hr of Casein Production.
Site produces SMP, whey powder products, casein
and caseinate products and butter

Flow Technology Scope:
Design, fabricate and commission the new
casein plant process equipment, including:

Acid casein coagulation system. Dewheying & dewatering decanters. Casein plant CIP distribution

Completed 2020.

Dairy Membrane Systems

Smart Membrane Technology

Smart Membrane Systems
Flow Technology teams up with technology partner Smart Membrane Systems (SMS), leading membrane specialists in the New Zealand dairy market, to offer Irish Dairy Processors a local turnkey provider of membrane systems, along with membrane lifecycle support, sales & servicing.

SMS work with Flow Technology and the customer to understand the process requirements and select the optimum components and process parameters for the application. SMS also offer unique full condition monitoring of membrane plants using unique technologies.

Smart Membrane Systems Innovative Developments
SMS are continuously developing their offering to optimise and improve operation and performance. Technologies currently in development include:

  • Protein in Permeate Sensor. Complete with real-time monitoring of yield losses and plant condition. Currently in final customer trials, expected to be brought to market 2021.
  • Chlorine Sensor. Novel chlorine sensor with 5-50°C temperature range and wide pH range of 4-11, to monitor CIP and carry out automatic adjustment of cleaning chemicals.

Membrane Technologies 

  • Micro Filtration
  • Ultra Filtration
  • Nano Filtration
  • Real-time condition monitoring

CIP Overhaul & Optimisation
Case Study

Project Facts:
CIP improvements of Process Equipment with impact
to the overall manufacturing process.
Site produces baby formula, food and nutrition.

Flow Technology Scope:
Overhaul of the existing cleaning facility maintaining
the constraints set by existing utilities.

Plant downtime significantly reduced by minimising human intervention.
High level of cleaning reliability with proven results.
Project executed in a live plant environment
and implemented over the shut down period.

Completed: 2015

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