Following significant investment in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries in Ireland over the last 20 years, Flow Technology have established ourselves as the market leader in building and supplying conventional stainless steel, hybrid stainless steel and single use skid systems across upstream and downstream processes to both drug developers and CMO’s.

The team have designed and produced a variety of projects from Clean-In-Place, Temperature Control, Purified Water, Water For Injection distribution, Point Of Use to more complex process modules such as Filtration (Depth, UF/DF, Nano, Tangential Flow, Harvest, Viral), Chromatography and HTST for the Biotechnology sector. We provide a full range of conventional stainless steel, hybrid stainless steel and single use solutions across these upstream and downstream biotechnology processes.

Our expert process engineers and master craftsmen
have extensive knowledge of the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industry requirements and norms. We also ensure that FAT/SAT (Factory & Site Acceptance Test) protocols are provided to meet with our client’s quality requirements.

Our work and reputation in the Bio-Pharmaceutical industries has led us to working with 8 of the world’s top 10 Bio-Pharmaceutical companies in Ireland. We have also done extensive work with Bio-Pharmaceutical customers in both the Netherlands and Spain.

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    CIP Skids

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    Filtration Systems

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    Chromatography Skids

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    WFI & PW Distribution & POU

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    Transfer Panels

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    In Line Dilution

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    Single Use

Case Study

Project Facts:
€500m+ Investment
Multi-Product Cell Culture Biologics
Manufacturing Facility

Flow Technology Scope:
Design, fabricate and commission of 21 process skids

Completed: 2016

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