The Flow Technology Equipment & Component Solutions business is as the leading supplier for specialist process equipment serving the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Food, Beverage, Dairy and Distillery industries. Over the last 40 years, we have forged and built relationships with several of the high-end specialist process equipment manufacturers.

Our core capability centres on adding our expertise and knowledge to their equipment and choosing the right equipment solution for your application.  We can offer you:

  • Tailored Equipment Solutions
  • Equipment Replacements / Upgrades
  • Hot Swaps
  • Certified Spare Parts
  • Service Agreements – On-site / Off-site Servicing & Maintenance
  • On-site Installation

  • Equipment

  • Certified
    Spare Parts

  • Service

  • On-site

After-Sales Service

Service Agreements

  • Scheduled, pre-planned annual service & preventative maintenance
  • Fixed Price Contract
  • Works around your site’s schedule
  • Flow Technology Service Certification will be issued on completion
  • Emergency Support

Service Brochure

Alfa Laval TJ40G Rotary Jet Head

Bardiani B925 Assembly

Additional Benefits

  • All Genuine OEM Parts
  • Qualified Service Technicians
  • Hot Swaps available by purchase
  • Full Service Report Included
  • Optional Material Certification available
  • Competitive Daily Rates
  • Technical Telephone Support

As well as providing a proactive and responsive service, our Equipment & Component Solutions team is backed by our in-house process engineering experts and our team of highly experienced craftsmen. This enables us to provide customers with unique technical and practical hands-on experience, with know-how on installation, commissioning and servicing of all of the equipment we sell. 

Brands We Work With

For information about any of our Principals, you can click on the company logos to navigate directly to their websites

Hilge - Centrifugal Pumps

For over 40 years we have worked with Hilge supplying their Smartpump and Varipump ranges to our Dairy, Distillery, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage clients. Hilge Hygienic pumps (now owned by GEA) are known for their reliability, energy efficiency and the ability of their Varipump range to be customized to suit complex applications. The high-quality surfaces, the construction entirely without die-cast components and the high-value materials meet highest demands even in the sensitive pharma industry.


  • Reliability & longevity
  • Customizable for complex application
  • Rolled forged stainless steel with sterile std RA ≤ 0.4
  • High quality materials
  • Low ferrite content
Quattroflow - Quaternary Diaphragm Pumps

Quattroflow Single Use and Multi Use pumps have a vast array of options and flow rates to accommodate many biopharmaceuticals applications. Whether the requirement is 1ltr per hour or 16,000ltrs per hour Quattroflow has the application covered with high purity, gentle liquid handling, easily cleanable, multiple use units. From small scale automated systems to large laboratories and crossflow systems, the QF Series provides the purity for the most demanding pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. The Quattroflow single-use range combines convenience with the ability to save time and money eliminating the cost of cleaning and decontamination.


  • Single Use Disposable Heads
  • Phased diaphragm pulse function
  • Gentle fluid handling
  • No seal needed
  • Internal or external controls
  • Flow rate is linear with RPM

New QF5k Pump

Sera - Dosing Technology

As a worldwide leader in dosing technology, sera ProDos is a system provider of high quality products and services for the dosing and feeding of chemicals and fluids. Indeed, with 75 years of experience, sera ProDos is renowned for its excellent customer service and leading German engineering, offering some of the most robust pumps available on the market to customers involved in food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and water and wastewater treatment.


  • Standard dosing systems & components
  • High flexibility of customised dozing solutions
  • Innovative, reliable & long-lasting products
  • Dosing pump capacity from 0.4l/h to 1,450l/h
  • Feeding pump capacity up to 3,100l/h
Flotronic - Sanitary Pumps

Designed to reduce down time and cleaning costs, Flotronic pumps help you maintain and even improve sanitary levels on site, while preventing wastage with less ‘hold up’ of product.
Flotronic’s ‘ONE-NUT’ sanitary air operated double diaphragm pumps at work throughout the food, beverage, brewing, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries.


  • Pumps can withstand CIP/SIP pressures up to 7 bar in the suction line
  • Cleaned in Place using fully automated CIP units, no need to bypass
  • FDA and USP Class VI approved
  • 3A & EHEDG Accredited
  • Fully drainable with options on Pump inversion and leak detection systems
  • Machined from solid materials with a choice of stainless steel or Hastelloy®


em-tec - BioProcessing Flow Measurement

em-tec Bioprocessing Sensor Systems are innovative, non-invasive flow measurement sensors that can monitor flow rates in industrial applications as well as those on a laboratory scale.

The BioProTT™ FlowMeasurement System consists of a flow sensor, the Clamp-On Transducer, and an electronic evaluation system, the flow meter.


  • BioProTT™ Clamp-On Transducer - easy to install, customer-specific calibration and no additional shear stress on cells
  • BioProTT™ FlowMCP - space saving cabinet design with seamless integration to existing systems
  • BioProTT™ Flow Track Plus - compact space saving design for monitoring flow rates in real time
Allegheny Bradford – Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers


Allegheny Bradford produces a range of shell & tube industrial heat exchangers in 304, 316L, high chromium alloys and titanium for the most demanding applications. Whether straight-tube, U-tube, or coil design, ABC provides a custom designed heat exchanger tailored to your exacting requirements to maximize the performance and efficiency for your process.


  • 100% vibrational and acoustic resonance analysis
  • Excellent drain-ability
  • Reynolds efficiency numbers provided with each design
  • TEMA recommended fouling factors provided with every design
  • Excellent document control
API Schmidt – Plate Heat Exchangers

API Schmidt heat transfer offers cutting edge technologies in the design and manufacture of plate heat exchangers that service the Dairy, Food and Beverage industries.


  • Glue Free Gasket Designs – SigmaFix
  • Laser welded plate
  • Compensators in SigmaFit for fast temperature changes
  • Strong counter-current flow in all welding unit
  • Innovative Designs – SigmaFit, Sigma, SigmaWig
  • Strong technical support
MBS – Tubular Heat Exchangers

MBS is the leading provider of corrugated tubular heat exchangers, offering solutions to the Dairy, Beverage, Food and Pharma sectors. They offer a range of heat transfer products across their MixFlo, CrossFlo and PharmaFlo ranges.


  • High quality
  • Innovative solutions
  • Application versatility
  • ISO 9001 & EHEDG accredited
Barriquand – All Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

Barriquand offer excellent all welded plate heat exchanger technologies in their Platular® range to the Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage sectors.


  • Hight thermal performance
  • Exclusive patented technology
  • Custom manufactured in France
  • For viscous and/or difficult fluids
  • Fully openable, easy to maintain
Alfa Laval – Rotary Jet &
Rotary Spray Cleaning Technologies

Together with Alfa Laval we offer the best-in-class tank cleaning technologies. The Alfa Laval range of rotary jet and spray cleaning equipment together with our engineering know-how delivers reliable, innovative cleaning solutions for your application.


  • High-impact validated cleaning
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased production time
  • Designed for hygienic sanitary environments
  • Customized solutions available
Alfa Laval – Energy Efficient
Agitation & Mixing Solutions

Alfa Laval offers the leading technology in agitation and mixing solutions with agitators, hybrid powder mixers, rotary jet mixer and the new LeviMag® magnetic mixer. Built on modular designs enabling you to tailor a mixing-solutions to your requirements with simplistic installation and maintenance a standard.


  • Best in class for efficiency
  • Flexible modular design – leading to ease of installation and maintenance
  • Tailored to exact requirements
Belimed Life Science - Sterilizers (Autoclaves) and Washers

Belimed Life Science specialise in Sterilizer (Autoclaves) and Washers for the Pharmaceuticals and Laboratories. With over 50 years experience they are the market leader in the field of Life Sciences designing and manufacturing reliable cleaning systems, build to conserve resources and reduce running costs.

Our partnership with Belimed center's on a 'Prevent Services' approach where our Belimed Training and Certified Service Technicians are on-hand to perform regular inspection, calibration and maintenance to maintain the value of your equipment, extending its life and ensuring that it is working effectively at all times.

Allegheny Bradford – Filter Housings

Allegheny Bradford manufactures a wide variety of filter housings designed to meet the requirements of the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage industries.  ABC offer both Universal and Opti-Clean® filter housings options.

The Universal option are unique in that their flexible 226 code 7 lock accepts most major cartridge brands and is available in sizes and styles from single round to 60 round.

The Opti-Clean® is their most advanced technology offering a patented design which eliminates hold up volume and offers improved cleanability to make for more efficient and profitable processing.



  • Flexible 226 Code 7 lock system
  • T-Line & In-Line options
  • No Drawing approval process
  • 100% pressure tested


  • Advanced one-piece patented design
  • One O-Ring seal
  • Custom designed
  • Optional Multiball spraywand design
  • Standard Universal FH features included

Inline & Angular Filters – we work with several leading brands in supplying the best-in-class filters and strainers. The filters are used in process plant applications to filter liquids removing un-desired components and particles to ensure the safety and quality of the products.

Andritz Guinard – Decanters & Centrifuges

Andritz Guinard is the world’s leading separation specialist. In business more than 150 years they offer an extensive portfolio of separation technologies to customers in the Food and Beverage industries. Together with Flow Technology we can design, build and install an efficient, reliable separation solution that will stand the test of time.


  • Constant separation results
  • Low space requirement
  • Chemical resistance
  • Low operating costs
  • Easily Installed
Synder Filtration - Polymeric Membranes

Synder Filtration specialises in polymeric membrane technologies and applications for the Dairy, Food & Beverage, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, and other industries in need of cutting-edge liquid separation technology. They offer a wide range of standard and custom nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration membranes.


  • Membrane casting & rolling
  • Customisation & flexibility
  • ISO9001, Halal, Kosher, FDA and USP Class VI certified
Tami Industries - Ceramic Membranes

TAMI Industries specialises in the development and manufacture of ceramic membranes, housings and gaskets for tangential flow filtration of liquids. Tami's patented technology offers customers in Dairy, Beverage and Bio-Pharma cutting edge innovative technology to meet their filtration, separation and purification needs.


  • Easy cleaning in place
  • Reliable & long-lasting
  • Solvents resistant
  • High temperature resistant


Bardiani – Hygienic Valves

Bardiani Hygienic Valves are the crème-de la crème when it comes to process valves for Food, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology applications.  Their combination of technology, product customization and craftsmanship in finishing the valves make them an extraordinary supplier in its flexibility and ability to meet customer requests. They offer double seat, single seat, butterfly valves, high pressure valves, modulating valves and ball valves with Giotto and J-Giotto control tops.


  • Reduced product contact
  • Quality & Reliability
  • Customized Solutions
  • Sector Versatility
  • Easy maintenance

Check Valves, non-return valves - We offer several valve solutions both customized and stand-alone solutions. As with all our suppliers, our valves companies offer quality, sector versatility and a variety of materials to suit all process applications.

Armstrong International

Armstrong International specialise in intelligent solutions in steam, air and hot water. They are the global leader in steam, condensate and hot water for industry offering steam traps, steam tracing systems and hot water solutions.


  • Innovative Steam System Monitoring with the latest Utility Monitoring System (SAGE® UMT)
  • Improve Utility Performance, Lower Energy Consumption & Reduce Environmental Emissions
  • Instantaneous Hot Water Generation, Distribution and Precision Temperature Control


Garlock Rubber Fab – High Quality
Sanitary Gaskets & Fittings

Garlock Rubberfab is the leading innovator of high-quality sanitary gaskets, hoses, hose assemblies, tubing, pump and filler machine components in a wide range of high purity and metal detectable / x-ray inspectable elastomeric materials.


  • FDA & USP Class VI Compliant
  • Custom solutions available
  • High quality standards
  • X-Ray inspectable

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